Artist Roster

We can summarise the creative work of P_H_A_C_E_ _in two words – Pioneering and Progressive.

P_H_A_C_E_ _aka N_E_O_S_I_G_N_A_L_ _aka F_l_o_r_i_a_n_ _H_a_r_r_e_s_, is an eclectic, eccentric electronic music producer, DJ, and label owner from Hamburg, Germany.

Over the past decade he has defined his own style of cutting-edge music, which is now paving the way for the next generation of producers.

His wide-ranging back catalogue of music includes five full length Albums (BETWEEN, SHAPE THE RANDOM, RAUM UND ZEIT, FROM DEEP SPACE and PSYCHO), countless EP’s, remixes, collaborations and chart-breaking singles.

Florian’s music is released on several highly regarded indie labels including OWSLA, MAU5TRAP, VISION, DIVISION, CRITICAL, as well as his own imprints, N_E_O_S_I_G_N_A_L_ _R_E_C_O_R_D_I_N_G_S_ _and N_ËU_ _M_U_S_I_C_.

His songwriting is best described as a juxtaposition of twisted bass, rhythmical experimentation, high contrast ambience, deep cinematic themes, and explosive energy. Add to that elements of human analog electro, funk and emotion.

The conceptual approach and unique tone of his music keeps up the demand for appearances at clubs, festivals and media around the globe. He tours all corners of the planet and while doing so has managed to build a large and faithful following.

With support from artists ranging from AMON TOBIN to SKRILLEX, and NOISIA to ANDY-C, one can agree that within drum’n’bass it is very clear he is an artist shaping his own contemporary sound and musical movement.