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Shimon’s legacy is as old as drum and bass. From the early nineties, he’d stooped himself in the world of electronic music, exploring renowned venues such as London’s classic Astoria. As an obsessed raver during the early rave years he became enamoured by the sonic beats of hardcore, which fired out a tempo that caught him instantly. But this wasn’t the genre which would fully capture his imagination and it finally took hold following a pivotal set from DJ Randall at Paradise Club, a go-to for likeminded fanatics. It was here Shimon would gradually become schooled in the laws of drum and bass, From here, he began to craft a back catalogue of sounds which would sculpt his blossoming career.

Looking at his vast musical background the outcome was clear from the beginning, especially after he’d first stepped foot onto a dancefloor. Having delved into the music of everyone from Pink Floyd and Steve Winwood to Frankie Knuckles and The Prodigy, his quirky tastes began to reflect in his own stylistic features. He also had an intimidating library of music at his disposal, particularly whilst working at the Boogie Times (Sub Base) in Romford, where he’d pour over the music for hours, becoming part of its imperative fabric. And following the release of Roni Size & Die’s Music Box, one of the most defining parts of Shimon’s passage and one of the first tracks he mixed behind the decks, his fate was sealed. Although at the time, it was unknown to him that he’d become just as significant within drum and basses explosion, heralded by tastemakers from the scene’s every corner.

Tracks like Quest, Titan, Hush Hush, Body Rock and Crossbow were not just vital for Shimon’s ascent, but also for the expansion of drum and basses engineering. Whilst Quest and the infamous radio smasher Body Rock saw him collaborate with Ram Records’ label boss Andy C, he also produced the likes of Titan as part of esteemed outfit Ram Trilogy, with the addition of Ant Miles alongside working with Andy C once again. Shimon’s standalone releases Hush Hush, The Shadow Knows and Crossbow have also seen him meet with critical acclamation throughout the globe, solidifying his reputation as one of the genre’s greats. This wasn’t the end of his creative journey though; after years of releasing on the Ram imprint, he turned his attention to his most ambitious project to date. And it was in 2007 that his label Audioporn Records was born.

After fifteen years releasing on Ram, he began to develop the ethos behind Audioporn. Shimon wanted to capitalise on artists that understood the true nuances of music, pushing forward newcomers who knew what small steps it took to shape the overall feel of a track. Looking back at what the label has achieved over ten years, it’s easy to see this reflected in Audioporn’s output. And it signals another stepping stone in Shimon’s historic climb, one documented religiously throughout drum and bass. His influence has seeped into its every page, meaning Shimon’s identity has become synonymous with the genres… Which is why decades on, he’s still one of its key players.